It’s all about you...and me


  1. Stay cool,be you.

  2. You are marrying the one you love,as simple as that.

  3. Play only the music you love!

  4. Don't worry about rain.

  5. Don’t worry about schedule enjoy your time.

  6. Your gonna be embarrassed,but that is human nature .


  1. It's all about the light not the location.

  2. I'm as good as you , so bring a free spirit and a whole lotta love !

  3. don’t over think it.

  4. groom-dress cool colourful and cozy

  5. bride-just don’t be a bridezilla and we’ll take care of the rest


Folk/rock music, movies, books, vinyl, film, doubleesprresso,walking the street's.



I’m doing this for the love of people and art.

I love to shoot small and intimate weddings in intimate places. I want you to be easy going,this way we can collaborate and make something beautiful.


Here are a few things about my life…First of all i’m a music lover and explorer I’ve been collecting vinyl records for years now…my favourite bands are suede,The smiths,oasis, The beatles.I play some  guitar  from time to time , I love my beautiful wife Naama and my two beautiful son’s ilai & ori. coffee breaks are never too much, woodie allen is a genius.I’m not going to tell you i was born with a camera in my hands.I just want to create beautiful and meaningful images for you.